Brian Cummings

Air Personality / Producer

Los Angeles, CA

Brian Cummings has always “talked funny.” He was raised in South Dakota, where as a boy he was fascinated by cartoons, music and comedy. Over time, his love of fantasy and voices led hm to a successful voice-over career that has spanned decades.

If you have watched network television, listened to the radio, or played video games, you have heard Brian’s voice. He has written and produced for radio, including the syndicated “Brian’s Songs” in which he interviewed celebrity guests. He worked on-air at the legendary KIIS-FM in L.A., and at other stations across the country.

Brian has become a multi-faceted performer and a “go-to” guy in voiceover work. He has worked and trained with many of the biggest dialect and voice coaches and considers Daws Butler (voice of Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound Quick-Draw McGraw and many others), as his mentor.

You’ve heard him on many Disney projects (introducing DVD’s with “Now our feature presentation,” for example). He has voiced countless characters in the video game world and done promo work for ABC, CBS, NBC and others. But wait, there’s more!

He was Monty Hall’s announcer on “Let’s Make A Deal,” including on-camera gags. You’ve heard him in dozens of commercials, pitching everything from breakfast cereals to toothbrushes, universities to supermarkets. Check out his IMDB page if you want to go deep on this.

This man is simply a legend and we’re beside ourselves that he his lending his considerable talents to!

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