Michael Sheehy

Program Director / Producer / Air Personality

Nevada City, Ca

“Michael uses his voice like a musical instrument.”
-Timothy Leary

A 4th generation Californian, broadcaster and producer for over 50 years. Michael was a fixture in the Southern California radio market for 40 years … He is familiar to Southern Californians as Air Personality and Program Director of CBS’ Mellow Rock pioneer KNX FM during it’s heyday of the 70’s & 80’s. Throughout the 90’s, Michael was featured as the signature “Station Voice”, Creative Director/Producer and Air Personality for KTWV The Wave. Additionally, he is familiar as the “Signature Voice” of all types of radio stations worldwide. He also produced the jingles for most of the Smooth Jazz stations around the globe.

His national voiceover work has included work for: Shell Oil, McDonalds, Sketchers, Goodyear, NBC, Disney. Playboy, Warner Brothers Records and others.
Michael has directed Voice Over Sessions featuring Burgess Meredith, Della Reese, Tim Leary, Dale Evans and a host of others.
Michael has also directed recording sessions featuring Al Jarreau, Stanley Clarke, Joe Sample, Bobby Caldwell, Brenda Russell, Rick Braun, Tom Scott, Norman Brown, Richard Elliot, Ellis Hall and many others.

An international award winning producer Michael’s client list includes: ABC, BBC, CBS, Disney, Fox, NBC, The Family Channel, UPN, American Top 40, American Country Countdown, Capitol Records, Concord Records, Esquire Magazine, Warner Brother Records, Mad Magazine, American Airlines, United Airlines, Publishers Glenco/McGraw Hill, Sonya Fitzpatrick The Pet Psychic, The Roy Rogers family, Dr. Timothy Leary, The Los Angeles Times and U.C.L.A. among others. In the 80’s Michael produced what is now the largest source music library in the world Killer Tracks.

Now living in Nevada City (Grass Valley), CA Michael devotes a good deal of this time to his “labor of lunacy and study in self-indulgence” Planet Pootwaddle aka www.planetpootwaddle.com as well as his latest Mellowrock.com. Check out his personal anthology page at michaelsheehy.online

Cast & Crew

Michael Sheehy
Program Director / Producer / Air Personality
Greg Ogonowski
John Styll
Music Director / Air Personality / Producer
Denise Sheehy
Secretary. Treasurer, Den Mother
Brian Cummings
Air Personality / Producer
Robert David Hall
Air Personality
Joanne Ehrhart
Air Personality
Sandy Kelley
Air Personality
Steve Warren
Air Personality / Music Scheduling Master
Ray Whitaker
Air Personality
Jodi Alba
Air Personality / Program Coordinator
Ray Delgado
Social Media Director
Bill Rogers
Air Personality
Jim Cole
Ellis Hall
Air Personality / Singer Songwriter / Producer
Douglas Neal
Janis Ohara
In-House Artist