Ray Whitaker

Air Personality

Oak Bluffs, MA.

If California is the “left coast,” then Ray is sort of a “right coast” guy. He was born on Staten Island and currently lives in Oak Bluffs, MA.

His career path included 30+ jobs, including working for Coca Cola and Pepsi and even as a bartender for a time, but most of his work was in radio.

Much of his radio career was at WMVY in Martha’s Vineyard, MA where he met his wife Laurel in 1993. In additional to serving on the air staff, he produced and hosted a “Beatles centric” weekly show called “Just  Four Guys” from 2008-2020.

After having done the “nomadic radio thing all over the Northeast,” (all radio people know what this means), he and Laurel settled in to Oak Bluffs, where they raised their daughter Tess. For a time, he was a certified trainer and director of elder fitness as his local YMCA.

He says that Inspiring figures in his life include The Beatles, George Carlin, Malcolm X,  Paramahansa Yogananda and Chris Cornell.

You can check out his podcast here: Just Four Guys Podcast



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