Joanne Ehrhart

Air Personality

Los Angeles, CA

Radio hooked me in college.  I used to hang around the Tufts University radio station, not yet brave enough to open my own microphone.  Moving to Southern California, determined to break into radio, I got my first job at a station in San Bernardino, broadcasting the news…and farm reports.  From there, I became Public Affairs Director at KWST-FM in Los Angeles, where I also wrote newscasts and anchored interview programs.  I then became a news writer and anchor at KNX-FM, eventually becoming News Director.

I also wrote and produced features and documentaries there, and hosted long-form interview programs.  My most recent radio gig was as a news writer for KFWB, which was an all-news CBS station. I have received several Golden Mike Awards (for News Writing) from the Radio & TV News Association of Southern California.  Along the way, I had numerous voice-over jobs, including being the sole original female host of TBS’ “Night Tracks,” “Chartbusters,” and “Power Play.”  I am thrilled to be a part of the crew!

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Joanne Ehrhart
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